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Joel Liebesfeld


Type of Investigator

Electrical Expert


New Jersey


  • 40 Years experience in the electrical/electronics industry
  • 10 Years experience in forensic engineering
  • 4 Years as an Adjunct Instructor/Guest Lecturer at Fairleigh Dickinson University

Certifications & Qualifications

  • AAS, BS, MA, MAS Degrees & 2 Post Graduate Certificates
  • OSHA Certified Environmental Specialist
  • Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers – Past President
  • Testified and qualified as an expert witness in civil court

Professional Organizations

  • Principal Member of National Fire Protection Association Standard 96 Committee
  • Principal Member of International Exhaust Cleaning Association representation for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standards Committee
  • Principal Member New Jersey State Fire Sprinkler Coalition


  • eForensics and Signal Intelligence for Everyone (2006)
  • eForensics and Investigations for Everyone (2007)
  • Computing and Investigations for Everyone (2008)